Arming end-users with information
Arming end-users with information
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How Twinnedit Is Revolutionising Building Safety

Twinnedit is revolutionising building management and safety, changing the way that Housing Associations, Local Authorities and private owners work. Imagine being able to access a Digital Twin of your building and having all your resident, safety and compliance data in one accessible place. How much easier would it be to ensure your building was compliant and your residents were safe?

the problem

The Problem

Across the world, building information and safety data is very rarely collated together in one easily accessible place or up to date. Even if it is, could others access it to ensure the building and its residents are safe and looked after? Harnessing BIM (Building Information Modelling), advanced technology from other industries and connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices we have created a better way!

the problem


The team at Deeo have created Twinnedit, A ground-breaking turn-key solution for Housing Associations, Local Authorities, local government and private owners of high rise, high risk, large scale commercial and residential properties. We create a unique ‘Digital Twin’ of your physical buildings, combine this with relevant building information, connect LIVE data fed directly from devices within your buildings and then host it on a secure platform for not only you, but your regulators and emergency services to access!

primary deliverable

Developed In Partnership

Working in partnership with a visionary Housing Association, whg (Walsall Housing Group), as well as many Fire and Rescue Services across the UK and other key stakeholders, we have fine-tuned how and what we capture and create from your buildings which is then presented and accessed via the online Twinnedit platform. Moving forward, our community of Twinnedit users will continue working in partnership to implement best practices and develop an even faster, simpler and engaging solution to building management and safety.

secondary deliverable

Twinnedit Community

The Twinnedit Community is how our clients can share best practises and ideas, to ensure that as new and different types of data become available for capture, everyone has the opportunity to add their own data to their Twinnedit models. This ability to share information and methods of data capture will ensure that all of our Twinnedit clients are able to take advantage of each innovative step.

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