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The team take you through our unique process to create a complete, accessible ‘Digital Twin’ of your physical buildings. Our goal is to ‘Arm the end user with Information’ THE takeaway message from Dame Judith Hackitt's Building a Safer Future report.

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& Collate

We work with your team to de-mystify BIM and demonstrate what is possible in the creation of your building’s ‘Digital Twin’. From there we will identify the documents we can collate to be presented alongside 3D models and drawings and ensure all documentation required for your Buildings Safety Case to be created and evidenced. Combining your expertise and ours, we will create a dataset which will make your residents safer and your job easier.

& Create

Capture your reality into a digital world with laser scanners, to create all the BIM data required for your building, no matter how tall, wide or long, our team have the equipment to capture every aspect we need. We then create accurate BIM 3D models and drawings of your building as well as animations, visualisations and other digital assets.


Using IoT devices we can introduce LIVE real-time monitoring of your building. We can measure temperature, air quality, give access to CCTV cameras and even count the number of people within a building (including what floor they are on)! This dynamic, real-time appreciation of your facilities usage saves lives, time and money.

& Maintain

We host all of the data created, collated and connected on the Twinnedit platform. Your unique platform gives your team, customers and key stakeholders – such as the FRS and the HSE - instant access to the ‘digital twin’ of your property – from any connected device. As data is updated, Twinnedit stores the old data in its ‘Building Legacy’ area so a full history of the building can be viewed at any time, resulting in complete traceability for all.

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