A unique turn-key solutions partner and digital twin platform to ensure Resident & Building > Safety & Wellness.

What We Do

We provide a complete turn-key solution to deliver a true partner experience for you and your team. Our in-house team will assist you in every step of your journey towards an up-to-date Digital Golden Thread of information to assure safety and wellness.

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We have already helped over 550+ buildings across the country meet their safety requirements. This means 20k+ homes are now safer with the use of Twinnedits award-winning Turnkey solution.

Problems solved!

Not just built for the safety of residents and visitors in the places we live, work and play – Twinnedit can help you turn your digital asset into a Smart Building, allowing you to make the most of your digital investment. Sweat your asset and reap the benefits!

Who Benefits?

So who benefits from the creation of this multi-award winning solution we call Twinnedit? Sooo many people…

Partner Marketplace

To ensure every element of Twinnedit not only delivers a unique way to arm the end user with Building Safety Information and Asset Management, as well as Value for Money, we worked tiers with Trusted partners to get it right for you.

Case Studies

We have many real-life case studies that showcase how we have helped our valued customers. We take pride in working with the most forward-thinking organizations in multiple sectors and believe that our customer’s satisfaction is a testament to our quality of service.