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Twinnedit has been developed as a solution to all responsible forward-thinking owners and operators of large buildings - whether they are residential or commercial - so they have a complete, easily accessible and connected ‘Digital Twin’ of their property. Enabling them to ensure the safety, maintenance and wellbeing of their residents and investment.

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High Rise

Developed initially to address the requirements of owners and operators of high rise building safety in the UK, Twinnedit is addressing the need for significant change in the management of residential buildings post the Grenfell disaster. Working with Housing Associations, Fire and Rescue Services and other industry and government bodies across the UK, we have ensured the Twinnedit solution delivers what the industry needs.

High Rise

High rise and large-scale commercial buildings are filled with people every day. The safety of those people is dependent on a detailed and current understanding of how a building is being used (shops, hotel, restaurant etc.), who should be in the building and that buildings history. Your Twinnedit ‘digital twin’ would enable you to answer all these questions at any given time. This information is invaluable to the owner, occupiers, customers, emergency services and regulators. Why wait till it’s too late?

Assisted Living
& Extra-Care Housing

Ensuring the safety of the residents in care is paramount to all operators of care homes, assisted living and extra-care housing. Having an accurate record of the building your residents live in is fundamental to ensuring their wellbeing. From maintaining records of change to the building over time to enabling the emergency services to have virtual access to your building; giving them the advantage to familiarise and train teams for that “what if” moment. These are just a few of the reasons a Twinnedit ‘digital twin’ of these buildings is invaluable.

High Risk

Any large-scale public or private space, such as hospitals, prisons, government facilities, shopping centres/malls and arenas, need an accurate digital version to enable safe use, maintenance and assist in mitigating risk. Having a Twinnedit ‘digital twin’ of your facility will empower your team and all key stakeholders with the accurate data they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

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