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Twinnedit was created by Deeo, an award-winning provider of Digital Design solutions. Our unique team of designers, developers, engineers and reality capturers work collaboratively to bring you amazing digital experiences.

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Deeo creates, develops and hosts solutions for the next generation SMARTCity. Our Engineering team develops Electric Vehicles, AGV’s, SMART Production Equipment and IoT devices. Our Build team visualise, animate, capture, create, manage and host digital assets for building owners and the construction industry. Together our teams are focused on the development of SMARTCity solutions.

An Innovation
To Design

In 2013, we created Europe’s first VDC (Virtual Design Centre). All of our teamwork from one secure CDE (Common Data Environment) so they can create and collaborate with each other and our clients, no matter where they are. Our VDC is in a highly secure datacentre, based in the UK, and we are proud to be an accredited supplier of Cloud Services on the UK Governments G-Cloud marketplace.


Our specialist reality capture technicians use the latest laser scanning devices to capture the physical world and replicate it as a digital one. Using ground-based and drone-attached laser scanners, our pilots and surveyors ensure we capture an exact representation of your building, within less than 1.5cm. They also capture immersive VR (virtual reality) walkthroughs, 4K aerial videos, building condition datasets and much, much more.

Your Building
- Twinned

Architectural technicians, visualisers and designers then take the data created by our reality capture technicians and create BIM models, 2D drawings, animations, visualisations and compelling digital assets of your physical building. Project co-ordinators then bring together a myriad of other data regarding the building and present it on the Twinnedit platform, so that you, your teams as well as the emergency services and other stakeholders (such as the HSE and MHCLG) can access it anywhere, anytime!

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