Twinnedit has worked in partnership whg to create a market leading groundbreaking platform which is a new revolutionary web-based building management and data access application.

The platform incorporates the management the safety and the legacy meta data for high and low rise residential, commercial and high-risk buildings.

The data is stored in a secure data center and is accessible by the clients on all connected devices which displays the data tailored to the client’s needs which will consist of 2D floor plans and 3D interactive models.

whg had the need for building safety and as Twinnedit focuses on establishing building safety and data collection the need was solved by having this vital information for property portfolios at your fingertips.

The building safety such as compartmentalisation, evacuation routes, fire and safety equipment throughout the block all transformed into a permanent digital copy not only for the whg staff but also key information for the fire service also vital information for the residents in the blocks.

The Twinnedit community is an ever-expanding platform to implement building safety using BIM (Building Information Modelling) which creates a professional and ease of use to manage blocks, districts and nationally your property portfolio.

Twnnnedit creates a product that consumes less time for teams to instantly have access for each building helping with workflow and project implementations which saves teams money and risk.

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