With the construction and social housing industry still reeling from the effects of Grenfell and tighter restrictions on material specification and fire safety. We at Deeo are leading the way in the adoption of BIM for Social Housing, Commercial, Residential and High-risk building assets and construction projects.

Forever and a day the construction sector has been slow to catch up on digitisation and data collation, always seen as a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘must have’, however as we enter the current decade the driving forces of legislation and a focus on safety are moving forward at a rapid pace. While big players and industry leading architectural companies have been experimenting with BIM on large and industrial scale projects, the technology and benefits haven’t been seen across the wider branches of the sector, this is where Deeo aims to change the perception, adoption and implementation of what BIM can be.

Dame Judith Hackitt has begun to implement revolutionary change to the fabric of the UK construction industry with the introduction of a re-vamped ‘Building safety regulator’ with full autonomy to impose sanctions during any stage of the construction project, and when the building is eventually in use. This tight regime of health and safety is of paramount importance to public, building residents and vulnerable persons wellbeing. Despite some attempt for owners and building managers to bring their assets up to scratch, it has been a slow process since the Grenfell tragedy and highlights how far we need to go to ensure critical safety upgrades are being made.

In January of this year Deeo introduced a pioneering new application to capture, create, collate and display your building information assets. Twinnedit has the ability to display a colossal amount of data for your properties no matter what sector they reside. Working with a leading UK housing provider we collated their extensive high-rise property portfolio, took survey of the current data and filled in the unknowns, due to the fact some of these blocks were 50 years old the unknowns were plentiful. Digital twins are essentially computerised carbon copies of a physical object, the model we create is only as good as the information ascertained on the original subject, in Deeo’s strict data gathering and creation protocol we ensure that the information is 100% correct before we even start finalising your digital twin.

Having took stock and created the necessary data we had to develop a solution that fitted the bill. No other building management software had the ability to display and store as much data as the client and ourselves wanted… so we created our own.

Being a safety driven tool, Twinnedit can showcase every potential risk or element of interest in the building that you as the client demands. This isn’t just helpful for the building managers but also the residents who can be given special access to the safety database where non-lingual evacuation plans, interactive evacuation boards and even live IoT data can be displayed forever adding to the wellbeing of the residents.

As a data collation tool and asset management solution we encrypt utilise and display your portfolios detail with one goal; ‘To arm the end user with information’.

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