Data Collection

Data collection of building assets is very important when it comes to creating 3D models and 2D plans the use of laser scanning machines are put to use to gather mass data on the building itself creating accurate measurements and data.

When creating the models for the existing high and low rise, commercial and high-risk buildings provides the shape and size of the buildings. But also, with the use of drones can conduct high detail of surveying for the buildings in much hard to reach areas which saves time, money and creates a higher level of safety.

External scanning

The data that can be collected via the high-quality construction drones are to achieve details such as complex shapes and corners with the advantage of accurate data.

The drone can also be used not just to scan but to also video and collect images of the external for use later down the line and create a legacy data set of the building.

Laser scanning beams low energy lasers at the targeted wall which produces millions of points which is the reason the accuracy is achieved and are not harmful to anybody as they are low intensity.

Internal scanning

The scanning of internal is utilised in the same way I which the exterior is conducted. This can produce outlines of internal wall help with door and window locations.

Internals of the building are scanned to also create 3D walkthroughs, which means you can walkthrough the entire building without even leaving your desk.

From scanning to drawings and models

The use of the scans are used to create models by the use of BIM software and using cutting planes and elevations to accurately build smart models of existing buildings.

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