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Deeo in partnership with whg and leading industry magazine Inside Housing, demonstrated Twinnedit our innovative building management solution at the Village Hotel in Walsall last week.

Delegates from top tier housing developments, social housing organisations and members of the SMS framework, were able to see, touch and feel the Twinnedit platform and learn how it can be used to save time, money and reduce risks across both new and existing estates seamlessly integrating with existing systems and providing the ability to connect previously disconnected data sets and most importantly keep the data current.

We have been involved with BIM and Digital Construction since 2015. We have delivered numerous projects from design into operation across a range of housing sectors. We always align our solutions to desired client outcomes, this ensures that our clients get the maximum return on the investment that they make into BIM and Digital Construction in both the capital and operational phases across a range of market verticals including education, commercial, civil engineering and housing.

Following the Grenfell tragedy and the subsequent Hackett report, we set up a solution that in flexible and scalable to ensure that the recommendations listed in the report can be implemented, giving housing providers the tools and skills to make sure that this type of tragedy can never happen again.

Delegates were treated to presentation from leading industry experts as well as a QA session from a highly experience panel of experts including our own Head of Digital construction, Rob Umphray and CEO/Founder Mark Williams.

Deeo was approached by whg to develop a tailored solution for their existing and new BIM assets we jumped at the chance!

That's how we developed Twinnedit, there are plenty of housing management companies both private and local authority that have ageing buildings. These buildings often stem from an era of, 'that'll do' construction with inaccurate or older versions of plans that never got the opportunity to be updated.

These buildings need legacy data and being a consultancy that offers all the solutions under one roof, we're able to fill in any missing information.

After quickly acquiring the data the client needed, we then had the task of developing the package to host it. But this wasn't your average OneDrive or Cloud solution, Twinnedit features live-feed information streaming e.g. CCTV and smart population monitoring as well as interactive 3D content so your staff and contractors can explore buildings in real-time, even if they're miles away!

This is real data captured and created from your assets displayed in a revolutionary way! It's got to be seen to be believed, get in touch with the Deeo Team and we'll give you an in-depth demonstration wherever you are, UK or Overseas.

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