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To ensure every element of Twinned It not only delivers a unique way to arm the end user with Building Safety Information and Asset Management, as well as Value for Money, we worked tiers with Trusted partners to get it right for you.

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The inspiration to Twinnedit was born from the want of whg, a forward-thinking housing association, to find how BIM and other advanced technologies could be affordably brought together to enhance Building Safety for their High rise and High-Risk properties. Our journey took us through an 18-month development of each element that culminated in the Twinnedit solution. We continue to forge yet more solutions to the industry together.


It is also key to Twinnedit’s success that we embraced key stakeholders that could be given access to the platform. If we are to Arm the End User with Information”, we needed to know what we gave them bought them everything they needed! Hence, we have consulted West Midlands Fire Service, completed workshops with Fire Services across the UK, presented Twinnedit to government, regulators and industry authorities, in the aim to ensure we uniquely understand the need of all – and deliver it.


With 25 years of experience Soltherm has become one of the leading companies in the building chemistry market and a leading provider of thermal insulation. Soltherm recognised that the team at Deeo and our Twinnedit solution continued their objective to delivering a safer future for buildings and their residents. We have worked closely to ensure Twinnedit brings all of their clients a unique solution to the life of their building.

The Surefire Procurement Framework

We are proud to be the delivery partner of Digital Services to Surefire, a fully OJEU compliant procurement framework that can be used by Councils and Social Landlords. Since it was launched in 2013 approximately £100m of energy efficiency and retrofit projects have been completed using the Surefire framework. The framework is owned by whg and operated by Surefire Management Services (SMS).

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